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Home and Building Automation
Nowadays, a simple gesture is enough to turn all places smarter, ready to talk with you and to support all your desires, regardless of where you are. Derat Al-Izz, a constantly growing ecosystem of interconnected systems and smart products.
View meets concretely all different needs of people who design, realize and live the living spaces and ensures that a smart house could be even more welcoming.
It offers a set of solutions for comfort, energy efficiency, and security, with aesthetically coordinated and personalized products to answer to any architectural taste.
A range of wiring systems conceived for new buildings, perfectly interoperable among them with the View IoT Smart System platform, flanked by a series of wireless products intended to systems’ upgrade or simple renovations.

Let's Light Your World

Our extensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting is developed to address the needs of our clients, for the widest range of applications.