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Our story begins in 2017 in the state of Qatar with the intention to provide professional services and latest products to the electrical sector Derat Al-Izz is dedicated to provide indoor and outdoor solutions to the client side by side with creative design ideas Derat Al-Izz priority has been always customer satisfaction, the company goal is to give customers full support and attention to gain their trust in return
Street and tunnel lighting
Derat Al-Izz offers street lighting solutions to the market which includes, poles, street lamps,tunnel and underpass lights
Indoor lighting
Our unique designs along with customized solutions create a perfect lighting scheme inside your house
Outdoor & facade lighting
Illuminating facades with lights can transform a boring building into a real eye-catcher as it highlights the architecture
Concept Designs
The first step in the process is the concept design. It is the most important part of the design. In that phase, we take time in understanding thoroughly your needs and the needs of the space.
Home and Building Automation
It offers a set of solutions for comfort, energy efficiency, and security, with aesthetically coordinated and personalized products to answer to any architectural taste.
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Our extensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting is developed to address the needs of our clients, for the widest range of applications.

DERAT AL-IZZ - Light Your World
Quality Products
Our strength lies in our capacity to manage an entire project, from designing, supply and commissioning, testing and validation with assured quality.
Customer Satisfaction
Derat Al-Izz priority has been always customer satisfaction, the company goal is to give customers full support
Wide Collection
Derat Al-Izz offers quality products that can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications with affordable price range
Creative Solutions
Derat Al-Izz want to be recognized by the customers as partners, who provides creative and high value solutions to their needs